Barone Distribution has a portfolio of niche brands. The products are of high quality produced by other small businesses (breweries, wineries, and distilleries) in limited quantities. As a result, these unique offerings are of no interest to the mega-distributors in the state who have contractual quotas with national brands and are under continual pressure from those manufacturers to increase sales of those nationally branded items.

Because of the realities of this marketplace, small spirits’ producers often find it difficult to place their products in Nevada. Thus, it behooves such producers to consider smaller – but equally capable – distribution companies, like Barone Distribution.

Our motto:

We don’t just represent our brands, we build them!

Barone Distribution serves the entire state of Nevada with beer, wine, spirits and specialty beverages, with service territories divided into Northern and Southern regions.

For questions about our products or services, or to check on the availability of specific brands in your area, please contact us via email, or call us at: (775) 284-7778.

Barone Distribution